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Full Body Massage

My massage is an invitation on a journey to rediscover your body. Nice intensive strokes along the entire body, with alternating movements. Structural work on joints and muscles increase sensory-motor perception. With treatment stress level will decrease, body regains flexibility and free movement.

Over the years, my massages methods have evolved. My massage is a synthesis of versatile techniques. I combine classic massage with fascia treatment, osteopathic, shiatsu, and Thai massage techniques.

Let yourself be pampered with a massage oil spiced with essential oils of your choice. Pleasant aromatic experience will help you forget everyday life and relieve tension.

The intensity of the full body massage can vary from mild to moderate.

60 Minutes 55 Euro
90 Minutes 75 Euro


Muscular soreness often arises when body is exposed to the stress that is not usually present in everyday life. Body adapts, but consequently reacts also with inflammation in the tightening of muscular tissue. Muscle soreness can limit the functionality of the movement, and oftely untreated leads to more chronical problems.

A sports massage with adjusted, but often powerful intensity dissolves the knots in the tissue, relaxes the muscles and speeds up the recovery process. The mobility is additionally improved by targeted stretching. During the treatment, I apply my knowledge of fascial therapy to deliver even better result.

The treatment can be carried out as a full body massage or just focuses on target muscle groups. The intensity of the sports massage is between medium and strong.

60 Minutes 60 Euro
90 Minutes 80 Euro


Feet are our basic transport option every day. We force them into tight shoes, stand on hard floors and use them in sports. We neglect our feet every day. We count on them to carry us for a lifetime. From time to time we should repay the favor – treat your feet to a reflexology massage.

The reflexology massage not only relaxes the muscles in the feet and calves, but the whole body. It stimulates the reflex zones associated with the organs. If a reflex zone is degenerated? sensitive? This often indicates a disturbance in body organs.

During the treatment I like to include also approaches from Thai foot massage, which is characterized by long strokes through the whole sole. The reflexology treatment can be perfectly combined with a full body massage.

Duration: 40 Minutes
Price: 40 Euro

Relaxing Massage With Reiki Treatment

The aim of this massage is to achieve an overall and harmonious unity of the body through the use of certain breathing techniques that are coupled with various known and efficient massage techniques. It releases the bodys own energy, which can solve physical and emotional trauma.

Basic massage oil can be mixed with aromatic essences to lighten up your mood and. provide additional relaxation during treatment.

60 Minutes 60 Euro
90 Minutes 80 Euro

Thai Massage

Thai Massage is an effective massage technique to address various tension areas within your body. On top, it is meditative for both giver and recipient. It is given slowly with great focus on receiver’s response.

Slow meditative rocking motion is used to gently palm press and Thumb Press “SEN Lines” which are energy lines similar to meridian lines and Acupressure points (as in Chinese medicine), revitalizing and energizing the body’s natural energy flow. What’s unique is that Yoga stretches are used throughout the body stretching the muscles and opening the joints.

Thai massage is performed on a mat on the floor. This allows many movements that are not practical or effective on a table. The receiver is fully clothed.

You can choose from an active Thai massage to a relaxing option. Additionally, you can decide for predesigned programs for chronical muscle pain, fibromyalgia, stress and anxiety.

90 min 80 euro

Therapeutic traditional Thai massage

for stiff and painful body with focus area e.g. backache, stiff shoulders and neck.

A full body massage with traditional techniques given on the floor mat, that focuses on the affected area. Pressure is applied on the acupressure points using the Thai massage technique to relieve discomfort and pain. Problematic areas are approached with dedicated grips and stretches resulting in higher mobility and feeling of relaxation. During the massage, both giver and receiver are fully dressed, wearing comfortable clothes.

90 min 80 euro